Manage your student loan balance



Sign in to your student loan repayment account to:

  • check your balance
  • see how much you’ve repaid towards your loan
  • see how much interest has been applied to your loan so far
  • make a one-off repayment
  • set up and amend Direct Debits
  • tell the Student Loans Company (SLC) if you’ve changed your contact details
  • tell SLC if you’re going overseas for more than 3 months

This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

You can also make one-off repayments towards your student loan, or towards someone else’s loan, without signing in.

Start now

Before you start

To sign in you’ll need your:

  • customer reference number or email address
  • password
  • secret answer, for example your mother’s maiden name

If you do not know these, you can reset them using the email address you had when you applied for your loan. Contact SLC if you’ve changed your email address.


Check what to do while studying

You’ll need to reapply for student finance for each year of your course.

You must keep your details up to date throughout your course because some changes can affect your loan payments, for example if your household income or bank details change.

  1. Check how to update your details
  2. Find out what to do if you suspend or leave your course




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