Keep on top of kids’ tech Xmas gifts



Parents are being warned some of their children’s Christmas gifts could potentially expose them to predators.

If the technology they receive is connected to the internet, children can communicate with strangers without parents knowing.

Parents need to supervise children when they are playing games, communicating or watching programs.

It’s also important to understand how their children’s technology works and connects online.

Reports of online child exploitation spiked in 2020, with perpetrators taking advantage of COVID-19 lockdowns to access and share innapropriate content.

Predators targeted children and young people who were spending an increasing amount of time online.

Offenders are typically more active during school holidays.

Child Exploitation is occurring even while a parent or carer is nearby, or in the same room.

Parents and carers need to engage in their child’s online activities.

“We know this is a busy time of year, but please talk to your children about who they interact with online and what platforms, apps and games they are using”.

“Supervision is not only critical to prevent an incident occurring, but can also help adults to quickly take action if something goes wrong.”


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